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August 30, 2021 ~ A rest stop on the Sippo Trail
June 29, 2021 ~ The First Six Months (video)
April 20, 2021 ~ Annual Meeting Announcement
April 3, 2021 ~ Celebrate Trails Day - April 24, 2021
Jan 25, 2021 ~ Wintertime Fun

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Riding the Great American Rail Trail - Aug/Sept 2020

On August 13th board and founding member, Keith Workman, started a 20 day, 800 trail mile ride from Crown Point, Indiana to Crawford, Nebraska. He's riding solo from Indiana, across Illinois to the Mississippi River at Davenport, Iowa. From there the trail gaps get longer and more numerous so his wife Carol will meet him in Davenport, with camper in tow, to shuttle him across the road sections between trails. Check out the daily action and photos by clicking the links below.

DAY   0  Preparations
DAY   1  Indiana: Erie Lackawanna Trailhead
DAY   2  Illinois: Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail
DAY   3  Illinois: Hennepin Canal Trail, Pt I
DAY   4  Illinois: Hennepin Canal Trail, Pt II
DAY   5  Crossing the Mississippi River
DAY   6  Iowa: Derecho Destruction
DAY   7  Iowa: Center Point to Evansdale
DAY   8  Iowa: Evansdale to Marshalltown
DAY   9  Iowa: Marshalltown to Woodward
DAY 10  Iowa: Perry to Audubon
DAY 11  Crossing into Nebraska
DAY 12  Nebraska: Travail on the MoPac Trail
DAY 13  Nebraska: Oak Creek Trail & More
DAY 14  Nebraska: Riding the Cowboy Trail
DAY 15  Nebraska: Cowboy Trail, Inman to Stuart
DAY 16  Nebraska: Cowboy Trail, Newport to Ainsworth
DAY 17  Nebraska: Cowboy Trail, Johnstown to Valentine
DAY 18  Nebraska: Cowboy Trail, Valentine to Merriman
DAY 19  Nebraska: The Finale
DAY 20  Nebraska: Epilogue


HEARTLAND TRAIL Phase 1 Dedication Sept 23, 2019

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy celebrated the official opening of a new section of the Heartland Trail.

Read the details via our Facebook Page: Press Release: Heartland Trail



         April 11, 2019: Meeting Report


Riding the Ohio to Erie Trail - 2018

The 2018 RTWC group ride, organized and planned by Board Member Keith Workman, began on Sunday, August 5th at the Ohio River in Cincinnati and concluded on Sunday, August 12th at Lake Erie. As is the tradition, participants dipped their rear wheel in the river and their front wheel in the lake. Check out the daily action by clicking the links below.

DAY 0: The Riders
DAY 1: Cincinnati to Waynesville. (55 m)
DAY 2: Waynesville to London (46 m)
DAY 3: London to Columbus (45 m)
DAY 4: Columbus to Mount Vernon (40 m)
DAY 5: Mount Vernon to Millersburg (41 m)
DAY 6: Millersburg to Massillon (40 m)
DAY 7: Massillon to Hudson (45 m)
DAY 8: Hudson to Cleveland (24 m)