Rails to Trails
of Wayne County


Riding Horses on the side of the trail


Our Local Trails

Our greater Wayne County community is fortunate to have several completed and potential trails. This means in the near future you should expect to be no more than 15 miles from one of these trails. County Line Trail and Sippo Valley Trail are completed. Heartland Trail is currently under development. As time and funds allow, this list of trails will grow. For now we invite you to get out and enjoy our Wayne County Trails and become a member of RTWC.


Trail Maps

County Line Trail - Creston to Rittman (6.8 miles)

County Line Trail

View County Line Trail online via Google Maps


Sippo Valley Trail - Dalton to Massilon (10.5 miles)

Sippo Valley Trail


Our Sippo Valley Trail now connects with the Towpath Trail

[click on image for a larger view]
Sippo Towpath Connection


Salt Creek Trail - Fredericksburg to Holmes County Line (3.8 miles)

The northernmost entry to the Holmes County Trail (15 miles) starts right here in Wayne County at Fredericksburg. For more details on the Holmes County Trail: [Click here]

Fredericksburg Trailhead